I live in England and I am a male who doesn't like to use urinals in public toilets. I like video games, I like Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff (not the dirty kind before I get submitted to a sex offender registry), and that's the past 17 years of my life summed up in a few sentences. If you have any messages please submit it to Sheffield Train Station, Gents Toilets, Stall 4 xoxo.

I also don't like using ovens.
Add me bby xoxo
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Eight-week-old Gray wolf pup has the hiccups

no i’m sorry but when a pup has hiccups they’re scientifically classified as hippups

I don’t make the rules

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Do not remove the source

this EXACTLY translates my mass effect experience

For everyone I know currently playing Mass Effect…

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Tribute to Steve Irwin, a guy who genuinely loved nature and animals.

This man was beyond real

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Do you ever just want to talk to someone and then you realize you’re not friends anymore? Yeah I really miss you. 

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Summoning the ogrelord

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Modern Baseball - Your Graduation (x)

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