I live in England and I am a male who doesn't like to use urinals in public toilets. I like video games, I like Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff (not the dirty kind before I get submitted to a sex offender registry), and that's the past 17 years of my life summed up in a few sentences. If you have any messages please submit it to Sheffield Train Station, Gents Toilets, Stall 4 xoxo.

I also don't like using ovens.
Add me bby xoxo
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a question: does anyone else get second hand embarrassment when watching con panels? like when fans start asking questions? do you ever get so embarrassed that you have to pause the video momentarily and just, chill for a minute? 

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my favourite part of the bible is when Jesus said that 1 like = 1 Prayer

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Don’t you hate when you’re trying to talk to a pretty girl, but it turns out she’s secretly Big Boss?

honestly, i think it’d be better if the pretty girl turned out to be Big Boss.

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my favourite scene of kill bill

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Where is your Maker now?

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i can’t wait to get fucked in the ass by my exam results tomorrow

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#parks and recreation#I've only just started watching this and why has no one told me how gr8 it is


Steam Cosplay

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